Precision Sand Casting to Meet Your Specific Demands

Whether you need a few specialty components or a large volume of castings, Badger Alloys is equipped to meet your demands.

Our casting size capabilities range from 1 pound to 4000+ pounds, with induction melting capabilities up to 6,000 pounds.

With 10 different furnace shells we pour a wide variety of ferrous & non-ferrous alloys

Sand Casting Process

Badger Alloys’ efficient airset, no-bake molding process results in high-quality sand castings for our customers. This process allows for closer dimensional tolerances, with design flexibility to accommodate your most intricate casting shapes.

Many different specialty sands are available for improved surface finishes that meet your requirements. Our sand is cleaned and recycled through our sand reclamation unit - delivering a more efficient, environmentally-resourceful process.

Secondary processing methods -- such as pickling/passivation, polishing, and even stainless steel blast -- are available. Tight control over these processes allows us to produce high quality castings with good performance.

When possible, we prefer to finish your components here at our on-site casting machining shop. This consistency and continuity:

  • Shortens production time
  • Eliminates errors due to miscommunication between vendors
  • Minimizes likelihood of damage that may occur when shipping from the foundry to an outside machine shop

Sand Casting Foundry Experts

What really sets Badger Alloys apart is its people. Our sand casting experts have extensive expertise with NDT (nondestructive testing) including Magnetic Particle, Radiographic, Penetrant, Visual, and Ultrasonic Testing (MPI, RT, PT, VT, UT) to help you meet your inspection requirements.

Our welders are qualified & certified in:

  • ASME Sec IX
  • NACE
  • MR0103/MR0175
  • ASTM-A488

We continually educate and train to remain on the leading edge of technology for our industry.

Many of our foundry personnel have spent their entire careers with Badger Alloys, which leads to better consistency and knowledge continuity for our customers.

Our entire team embraces our “World-Class Castings Delivered” motto and is committed to exceeding customer expectations. As such, we are equipped to meet your tight deadlines and handle your complex projects.

Leading Edge Sand Casting Foundry

Badger Alloys has invested heavily in plant engineering & process improvement utilizing lean manufacturing techniques. This results in advanced manufacturing methods that benefit our customers. The performance of these improvements is measured and tracked through our internal auditing system. 

Our state-of-the-art capabilities enhance the quality & delivery time of our projects. For example, we utilize:

  • A Solidification Modeling System - Allows us to analyze casting solidification & promote quality while minimizizing overall manufacturing cost
  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy equipment - For chemical analysis & control
  • A FARO-ARM™ coordinate measuring machine - Allows us to confirm product quality through 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis & reverse engineering
  • Inert Gas Shielding - Improves melt cleanliness & reduces gas formation

Badger Alloys is ISO 9001:2008 & PED certified to ensure we meet your needs, as well as regulatory requirements. We pride ourselves on plant cleanliness to enhance employee safety and casting quality.

Contact Badger Alloys to discuss your needs or quickly request a quote online for any of our services.