Business Friend of the Environment

Badger Alloys was recognized with the "Business Friend of the Environment" award in 2014 for its leadership in environmental stewardship.  The award, given by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, recognizes companies that are at the forefront of technological innovation and serve as models for environmental sustainability. 

ME3 - Milwaukee Economy, Energy, Environment

Badger Alloys was one of the first five companies to become active in ME3 (Milwaukee Economy, Energy, Environment). As a member of ME3, Badger Alloys analyzed its entire facility to identify opportunities for sustainable growth efforts. With guidance from this program, Badger Alloys is working to reduce waste, decrease peak energy demand, and reduce costs while increasing production capacity. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability earned us recognition at Mayor Barrett’s “State of the City” address in February 2012.

Sand Reclamation Unit

Recently, Badger Alloys made a major investment in a Sand Reclamation Unit  that allows us to reuse 80 to 85 percent of the sand used within our manufacturing process. This keeps 90,000 pounds of sand out of landfills daily and eliminates more than 100,000 truck miles per year in sand transportation.

Electricity Management System

Our “Power It” electricity management system shifts the power demand throughout the facility, conserving energy and reducing costs. The investment produced a 15 percent reduction in the plant’s energy demand in its first six months. Since installation, we have seen the lowest peak demand in three years, even though production has increased.