Through numerous technical education programs, Badger Alloys provides opportunity to young people who have not succeeded in traditional educational venues. We work closely with community organizations like Milwaukee Public Schools, GPS Education Partners, MMAC-Manufacturing Career Partnerships, the Steel Founders’ Society of America’s Apprenticeship Program, and Junior Achievement.  Additionally, we recruit actively at technical schools like Bradley Tech High School.  Not only does the company give financially to these community groups; our employees donate their time working as mentors and giving presentations on manufacturing careers.

We employ students through GPS Education Partners, an alternative education model that combines high school classroom learning and the application of knowledge in a work setting. 

Additionally, Badger Alloys works with Milwaukee Public Schools in a number of capacities. 

  • As advisory board mentors who help develop curriculum for students who want to work in a foundry or as a manufacturing engineer;
  • As a career coach in MPS’s “My life, my plan.”

Badger Alloys works with the Department of Workforce Development’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program to help employ disabled individuals.  Our goal is to assist in any way we can to get people back to work.

We feel it is our responsibility, as business leaders and good corporate citizens, to have a hand in preparing and training the upcoming workforce.  Our involvement with these groups helps promote manufacturing as a viable, interesting career while giving current employees the opportunity to build their leadership and supervisory skills.