Close up image of industrial pipes in a plant.

Industrial Equipment

Casting Manufacturers for Industrial Applications

  • Industrial equipment casting size capabilities range from 1 pound to 4,000+ pounds
  • Cast heat treatment, (anneal, quench and temper, normalize and temper, through-hardening, age hardening, case hardening, stress relieve, etc.)
  • Proprietary & industry standards (ASTM, ASME, NAVSEA TECH PUB 278, NACE, MIL-STD, etc.)
  • All levels of NDT (non-destructive testing)
  • Small run loose pattern capability
  • Smooth surface finish for superior performance
  • Magmasoft® Solidification Software to support sophisticated castings
  • Prototype casting

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Industrial equipment requires corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance & heat resistance. They also require high ductility and toughness.

At Badger Alloys our casting manufacturers have decades of experience casting and testing components for industrial industries.

Industrial equipment castings include:

  • Drill tip castings
  • Joint castings
  • Wear elbow castings
  • Bearing housing castings
  • Separator castings
  • Grate castings
  • Wear bar castings

Pump, Impeller & Valve

Badger Alloys has been working with customers in the pump and valve industry since our foundry’s inception more than 50 years ago. In fact, the pump and valve industries make up about 70 percent of our customer base.

Industrial Casting

Industrial components must resist corrosion, wear, impact, and heat yet still retain ductility and toughness.

Defense / Marine

The marine/defense industry is subject to strict quality testing, and Badger Alloys has extensive expertise with NDT.

Water Treatment

Industrial Casting Company Water Treatment Plant

We have decades of experience making and testing corrosion-resistant and pressure-containing castings, pumps, valve bodies, gates and slides.

Energy / Petrochemical

By nature, the energy/petrochemical industry is subject to strict quality requirements and must withstand extreme temperature, pressure and hydrogen environments.

Chemical Industries

You will appreciate our decades of experience making and testing mixers, augers, centrifugal housings, and pump bodies.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is subject to strict quality requirements, and Badger Alloys is experienced in manufacturing castings that meet them.


The pharmaceutical industry requires components that are corrosion resistant and heat resistant with a high level of polishing.

Thermal Processing

Thermal processing requires components cast in HU, HT, HX, HL, HW, HP, HN, and super alloys.