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High Alloy/Stainless Steel Alloys

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High alloy and stainless steel alloys are high-value alloys that are suitable for many applications.

Badger Alloys offers more than 60 different high alloy and stainless steel alloys to meet your casting needs.

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Types of High Alloy/Stainless Steel Alloys

Austenitic stainless steels offer:

  • Improved weldability
  • Resistance to a great variety of corrosives
  • Good castability, machinability, weldability
  • Improved strength at elevated temperatures

Typical uses and applications for austenitic stainless steels include:

  • Paper pulp solutions and nitric acids
  • Hot sulfuric acids
  • Dilute hydrochloric acid and hot chloride solutions
  • Nitric-hydrofluoric pickling solutions

Martensitic stainless steels are:

  • Resistant to atmospheric corrosion
  • Resistant to mild organic media in mild service
  • Hardenable through heat treatment

In addition, these steels:

  • Have good impact resistance
  • Offer improved elevated temperature strength properties
  • Have improved seawater corrosion resistance with additions of molybdenum

Martensitic stainless steels are commonly used for:

  • Pumps, compressors
  • Valves
  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Propellers
  • Machinery components

Duplex stainless steels:

  • Are about twice as strong as regular austenitic or ferritic stainless steels
  • Have a range of corrosion resistance
  • Show good stress corrosion cracking resistance
  • Have lower nickel and molybdenum contents than their austenitic counterparts of similar corrosion resistance, resulting in lower cost

Duplex stainless steels are commonly used in applications that have exposure to chlorides and require crevice corrosion resistance.

Heat resistant stainless steels provide:

  • Scaling resistance at high temperatures
  • High sulfur applications where high strength is not required
  • Corrosion resistance at high temperatures (moderate strength)
  • Resistance to thermal fatigue and shock induced by severe temperature cycling

Common applications for heat-resistant stainless steels include:

  • Ore roasting furnace parts, rabble arms and blades, steel mill furnaces
  • Salt pots
  • Grate bars
  • Tube supports and beams in oil refinery heaters
  • Scaling resistance at high temperatures
  • Radiant tubes
  • Oxidizing and carburizing atmospheres

Precipitation hardened stainless steels offer:

  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion and cracking in substances containing chloride (e.g. seawater)
  • High resistance to sulfuric acid and nitric acids

Precipitation/age-hardened stainless steels are commonly used where high strength and improved corrosion resistance are required. For example:

  • Highly stressed machined castings in the aircraft and food processing industries
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Stressed components in the marine, chemical, textile and paper industries

Nickel-base alloys are most often alloyed with a particular element to impact certain properties. They are known for:

  • High strength
  • Toughness
  • Resistance to mineral acids
  • Resistance to organic acids and salts

Nickel-base alloys are commonly used for:

  • Fluid handling systems, such as pump and valve components
  • High velocity fluid or crevice applications
  • Caustic soda processing components
  • Applications which encounter hot corrosives or corrosive vapors

Wear-resistant cast iron offers:

  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Resistance to the impacts of high-sulfur flue gas

Wear-resistant cast iron is best used in low stress applications that do not require impact strength.

Alloys for Comparison

Castsort descending Similar UNS ASTM Wrought Compare
440A J91606 AMS5631 440A Request Quote
440C J91601 AMS5349 440C Request Quote
CA120 J91639 AMS5349 440C Request Quote
CA15 J91150 A217 / A743 410 Request Quote
CA15M J91151 A487 / A743 0 Request Quote
CA28MWV J91422 A743 422 Request Quote
CA40 J91153 A743 420 Request Quote
CA6NM A J91540 A487 / A743 F6NM Request Quote
CA6NM B J91540 A487 F6NM Request Quote
CB30 J91803 A743 431 Request Quote
CB7Cu-1 J92180 A747 17-4 Request Quote
CB7Cu-2 J92110 A747 15-5 Request Quote
CC50 J92615 A743 446 Request Quote
CD3MN DUPLEX 4A, 2205 J92205 A890 / A995 CD3MN Request Quote
CD3MWCuN DUPLEX 6A J93380 A890 / A995 CD3MWCuN Request Quote
CD4MCu DUPLEX 1A J93370 A890 255 Request Quote
CD4MCuN DUPLEX 1B J93372 A890 / A995 255 Request Quote
CD6MN DUPLEX 3A J93371 A890 / A995 Duplex 3A Request Quote
CE30 J93423 A743 312 Request Quote
CE3MN DUPLEX 5A J93404 A890 / A995 Duplex 5A Request Quote
CE8MN DUPLEX 2A J93345 A890 Duplex 2A Request Quote
CF10 J92950 A351 304H Request Quote
CF10M J92901 A351 316H Request Quote
CF10SMnN J92972 A351 / A743 Nitronic 60 Request Quote
CF16Fa J92701 A743 303 Request Quote
CF20 J92602 A743 302 Request Quote
CF3 J92500 A351 / A743 / A744 304L Request Quote
CF3M J92800 A351 / A743 / A744 316L Request Quote
CF3MN J92804 A351 / 743 316LN Request Quote
CF8 J92600 A351 / A743 / A744 304 Request Quote
CF8(nm) J92600 A351 / A743 / A744 304 Request Quote
CF8C J92710 A351 / A743 / A744 347 Request Quote
CF8M J92900 A351 / A743 / A744 316 Request Quote
CF8M(nm) J92900 A351 / A743 / A744 316 Request Quote
CG3M J92999 A351 / A743 / A744 317L Request Quote
CG6MMn J93790 A351 / A743 Nitronic 50 Request Quote
CG8M J93000 A351 / A743 / A744 317 Request Quote
CH20 J93402 A351 / A743 309 Request Quote
CK20* J94202 A351 / A743 310 Request Quote
CK3MCuN 254SMO J93254 A351 / A743 / A744 Avesta 254 Request Quote
CL 1 TYPE A NI HARD #1 --- A532 CL 1 TYPE A Request Quote
CL 1 TYPE B NI HARD #2 --- A532 CL 1 TYPE B Request Quote
CL 3 TYPE A 28% CR --- A532 CL 3 TYPE A Request Quote
CN2MCuN N08904 A351 904L Request Quote
CN3M* J94652 A743 0 Request Quote
CN3MN N08367 A351 / A743 / A744 AL6XN Request Quote
CN4MCu --- Uddeholm 904L Request Quote
CN7M Alloy 20 N08007 A351 / A743 / A744 Carpenter 20 Request Quote
CN7MCb3* Not ASTM Carpenter 20Cb3 Request Quote
CN7MS J94650 A351 / A743 / A744 CN7MS Request Quote
CU5MCuC N08826 A494 Inconel 825 Request Quote
CW12MW N30002 A494 Hastelloy C-276 Request Quote
CW2M N26455 A494 Hastelloy C Request Quote
CW6M N30107 A494 Hastelloy C Request Quote
CW6MC N26625 A494 Inconel 625 Request Quote
CW6MZ N30107 A494 0 Request Quote
CX2MW N26022 A494 Hastelloy C-22 Request Quote
CY40 N06040 A494 Inconel 600 Request Quote
CZ100 N02100 A494 Nickel 200 Request Quote
HC J92605 A297 446 Request Quote
HD J93005 A297 327 Request Quote
HE J93403 A297 312 Request Quote
HF J92603 A297 302 Request Quote
HG10MnN J92604 A297 0 Request Quote
HH J93503 A297 309 Request Quote
HK J94224 A297 310 Request Quote
HK40 J94204 A351 310H Request Quote
HP N08705 A297 330 Request Quote
HT N08605 A297 330 Request Quote
HU N08004 A297 0 Request Quote
HW N08001 A297 0 Request Quote
HX N06006 A297 0 Request Quote
Invar 36 --- F1684-06 0 Request Quote
M25S N24025 A494 S-Monel Request Quote
M30-C N24130 A494 Monel Request Quote
M30H N24030 A494 H-Monel Request Quote
M35-1 N24135 A494 Monel 400 Request Quote
M35-2 N04020 A494 Monel Request Quote
N12MV N30012 A494 Hastelloy B Request Quote
N7M N30007 A494 Hast-B2 Request Quote
NiResist 1b F41001 A436 0 Request Quote
NiResist 2b F41003 A436 0 Request Quote
NiResist 3 F41004 A436 0 Request Quote
NiResist 5 F41006 A436 0 Request Quote
TYPE 1 NI RES #1/1A F47004 A436 0 Request Quote
TYPE 2 NI RES#2/2A F47005 A436 0 Request Quote

High Alloy/Stainless Steels

Stainless steel alloys are high-value alloys that are suitable for many applications

Copper Base/Non-Ferrous Alloys

Copper Base/Non-ferrous Alloys provide good corrosion resistance and high strength

Carbon/Low Alloy Steels

Carbon/low alloy steels are favored for their lower cost, hardenability through heat treatment and alloying elements, and good weldability

Iron Alloys

Iron Alloys

Iron alloys offer good castability and machinability.