Engineers from around the world attend Badger Alloys tour

November 5th, 2018

Badger Alloys publishes whitepaper -- "What Tooling Method Makes Sense for Your Casting?"

March 14th, 2018

Badger Alloys to Participate in Hydraulic Institute Annual Conference

February 26th, 2018

Badger Alloys Adds Metalurgist

January 4th, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Michael Beining has joined the company as metallurgist.  In this role, Beining will work to analyze and enhance melt, molding, and laboratory operating procedures to produce castings that meet and exceed customer and process specifications.

Sand Casting Process

November 6th, 2017

At Badger Alloys, our sand casting process is ultra-efficient! We use an airset, no-bake process that yields high-quality castings & allows for tighter tolerances & greater flexibility in sand casting mold design. Click for more information on how our sand casting process works!

Sand Casting Machining: What Kind of Parts are Good Candidates

August 14th, 2017

When it comes to sand casting machining, good part candidates will include ones that have tolerances for dimension and size that are too tight for the sand casting process itself. Click to learn more about which parts are good candidates for casting machining services.

Top 3 Sand Casting Design Considerations

August 14th, 2017

When looking at sand casting design considerations, it’s most important to understand what the casting will be used for, as well as any additional processes it must go through after the casting is poured. Click to get more tips on how to achieve success in the sand casting design process.

Badger Alloys Adds Executives

March 28th, 2017

Badger Alloys, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of several executives and the expansion of our engineering capabilities. Our newest team members' extensive knowledge of modern casting technologies and trends will help us remain on the forefront of steel casting manufacturing. Please help us welcome them!

Badger Alloys Leverages Revolutionary, New Age Technology

October 11th, 2016

Revolutionary Magmasoft Software benefits casting customers with faster lead times, defect-free castings, cost savings & other unique advantages. Find out how the technology Badger Alloys uses can benefit you!

Copper Base Alloys: Global Industry Trends in Output & Casting Manufacturing

Copper Base Alloy Casting US & Global Output Chart InfographicCasting Manufacturers Global Output Chart

August 18th, 2016

Global Industry Trends in Copper Base Alloys Output and Casting Manufacturing for 2015/2014. Click to see how the US Stacks up to Other Countries