Sand Casting

The Badger Alloys Sand Casting Difference

Our sand casting foundry is equipped for projects ranging between a few specialty components and large volumes of castings. Our foundry is versatile to meet a wide variety of demands. With 10 different furnace shells, we offer more than 200 alloys to choose from. Our casting capabilities range from one pound to 4,000+ pounds, with induction melting capabilities up to 6,000 pounds. Our facilities and processes include:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Qualified and certified welders
  • Production capabilities from smaller run to higher volume orders
  • Variety of specialty sands for improved finished
  • ISO/PED certified
  • Dimensional inspection capabilities including FARO-ARMTM CMM
  • Expertise with nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Safety and environmental focus

How Does Our Process Work?

At Badger Alloys, our sand casting foundry uses an ultra-efficient airset, no bake molding process. During this process, chemical binders are used to help bond the molding sand. Not only does this popular method result in higher quality castings but many other value-added benefits such as:

  • Closer dimensional tolerances
  • Design flexibility to accommodate intricate casting shapes
  • Quick production time
  • Capability to produce large and complex castings
  • Smooth and seamless finish

Badger Alloys offers a variety of specialty sands that are available for even more improved surface finish for any requirements you might have. Throughout our process, sands are also cleaned and recycled through our sand reclamation unit. This unit helps us deliver high efficiency and environmentally friendly sand casting processes.

Our Sand Casting Foundry Certifications

We place a heavy focus on safety and plant cleanliness. Our certifications also help our customers meet their strict inspection requirements. Badger Alloys is ISO 9001:2015, PED certified, and Conflict Mineral Compliant. This means Badger Alloys meets standards for consistently providing products that meet regulations. Our foundry is also comprised of team experts with years of experience in Nondestructive Testing (NDT) including magnetic particle, radiographic, ultrasonic testing, and many more. Our welders also hold their qualifications and certifications in ASME Sec IX, NAVSEA TECH PUB 278, NACE, and more.

The entire Badger Alloys team is driven by our “World-Class Castings Delivered” motto and are prepared to exceed your expectations with everything from deadlines to complex projects.

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