Sand Casting Materials

Sand Casting Materials

Sand Casting Alloys: Delivering Strength in Numbers

At Badger Alloys, we offer more than 200 sand casting alloys for your project. Our capabilities allow customers to house multiple projects at one sand casting foundry, minimizing the need to move casting patterns and thus increasing job efficiency.  Sand Casting Alloys include:  High Alloy/Stainless Steel Alloys, Copper Base & Non-Ferrous Alloys, Carbon/Low Alloy Steel Castings, Iron Alloys

  • More than 200 sand casting alloys poured
  • Dodd-Frank conflict mineral compliant
  • Dedicated, organized metal storage facilities 
  • Control over raw sand casting materials and remelt stock
  • Computerized metal inventory
  • All pure materials

High Alloy/Stainless Steels

Stainless steel alloys are high-value alloys that are suitable for many applications

Copper Base/Non-Ferrous Alloys

Copper Base/Non-ferrous Alloys provide good corrosion resistance and high strength

Carbon/Low Alloy Steels

Carbon/low alloy steels are favored for their lower cost, hardenability through heat treatment and alloying elements, and good weldability

Iron Alloys

Iron Alloys

Iron alloys offer good castability and machinability.