Engineered Castability.

Our team of engineers works collaboratively with our patternmakers and foundry personnel to help customers achieve their desired result. On site, we have the ability to provide all casting-related services, from concept to finish-machined part. This single-source capability supports our goal to produce the best quality castings in the most cost-effective manner… with the shortest possible lead time.

Our engineers will consult with you to recommend the process that will result in the best finished casting. We start by analyzing pattern-making methods to determine what makes the most sense for your project based on your lead time, quantity, casting size and other criteria. Whether your casting requires a robotically milled mold or prototype, a 3D-printed mold, or a hand-crafted traditional wood or urethane pattern, we are committed to providing the highest value casting for your project.

Qualifications/special skills

  • Fully MAGMA-certified engineer on site. This extraordinary level of training allows our professional to enhance tooling designs and anticipate potential defects in advance, resulting in shorter lead times and reduced overall costs to our customers.
  • Combined 80 years’ experience in foundry engineering. Our team boasts strength in experience – one of our engineers has been with Badger Alloys for more than 40 years – as well as strength in education and training in cutting-edge technologies.
  • Breadth of background in our engineers offers a diverse collection of perspectives to look at each project from a unique angle.

Cutting-edge equipment/software

  • KUKA Quantec six-axis robot
  • MAGMASOFT® casting optimization and solidification analysis software
  • SOLIDWORKS high-level 3D solid modeling software

Robotic Capabilities

Short-run, complex castings and/or those that require a prototype are ideal candidates for Badger Alloys to mill using our KUKA Quantec six-axis robot. Investment in this equipment has allowed us to provide a lower cost, more efficient, highly precise alternative to traditional tooling methods.

Badger Alloys’ robotic capabilities and benefits:

  • Shorten lead time by up to 70%
  • Decrease upfront investment by 20% to 30%
  • Eliminate equipment storage and/or maintenance cost
  • Create large castings
    • 8'x8' maximum mold size (cope or drag)
    • Castings up to 4000 lb.


Prototyping is one of the fastest growing processes in manufacturing. Through techniques such as additive manufacturing and 3D printing, Badger Alloys can work with you to determine whether prototyping is the right solution for your project.

In general the benefits of prototyping include:

  • Shorter design cycle
  • Ability to make design changes/enhancements quickly and cost effectively
  • Ability to test during tooling production
  • Reduction of overall time-to-market by up to 90 percent
  • Reverse engineering

Badger Alloys has 3D printing capabilities and continually researches and invests in the latest manufacturing technologies as they become available.

Sand Casting

Sand Casting Services

Whether you need a few specialty components or a large volume of castings, Badger Alloys is equipped to meet your demands.

Pattern Making

The best components start with a qualified & experienced casting pattern maker. Our highly skilled patternmakers create custom patterns based on your exact specifications.


When your casting applications demand machining to tight tolerances, you need a partner you can rely on to provide consistently high quality, part after part.



Our team of engineers works collaboratively with our patternmakers and foundry personnel to help customers achieve their desired result.