Sand Casting Pattern Maker

Pattern Shop

Sand Casting Foundry with Advanced Pattern Making Casting Capabilities

Casting patterns designed to suit your specific requirements:

  • Captive pattern shop and sand casting foundry
  • Robotically milled molding using our in-house robot
  • Hand-crafted traditional wood and urethane pattern construction
  • Engineering changes
  • 3-D modeling and CNC pattern making
  • Experienced journeyman sand casting pattern makers
  • Engineered mounting, gating & rigging systems
  • On-site pattern sand casting storage

Sand Casting Pattern Design

The best components start with a qualified and experienced casting pattern maker.

At our captive sand casting pattern shop, our highly skilled pattern makers create custom patterns based on your exact specifications.

Because our casting pattern shop is dedicated solely to serving our foundry and customers, you can be assured you will always receive the highest quality patterns.

Our casting pattern makers work closely with our engineering team and foundrymen on every job to ensure we produce the very finest components.

We don’t take shortcuts in our sand casting pattern making because we're accountable for the resulting component.

This single-source capability, and vested interest in the entire process, ensures the best castings in the shortest amount of time. The care we put into building each pattern significantly improves the tooling life expectancy.

Our talented craftsmen have many years of experience at Badger Alloys, and understand our process and passion for superior quality castings.

Whether your patterns are simple or complex, require high volume or low volume usage, our casting pattern makers are dedicated to meeting your exact requirements. Our team of patternmakers, engineers, and foundry personnel are dedicated to working collaboratively with customers to achieve the desired result.

Your casting may require a robotically milled mold or prototype, a 3D-printed mold, or a hand-crafted traditional wood or urethane pattern.  Regardless of your selected tooling method, we are committed to providing the highest value casting for your project. Download our whitepaper on "Which tooling method makes sense for your sand casting."

Badger Alloys’ robotic capabilities and benefits

Short-run, complex castings and/or those that require a prototype are ideal candidates for Badger Alloys to mill using our KUKA Quantec six-axis robot.

Investment in this equipment has allowed us to provide casting customers a lower cost, more efficient, highly precise alternative to traditional tooling methods.

Using robotically milled tooling can:

  • Shorten lead time by up to 70%
  • Decrease upfront investment by 20% to 30%
  • Eliminate equipment storage and/or maintenance cost
  • Create large castings
    • 8'x8' maximum mold size
      (cope or drag)
    • Castings up to 4000 lb.

3D Modeling

Additionally, we have the ability to create 3D models using your drawing or models, to help you evaluate the best casting process for your needs.

You can send files to us in virtually any file format, including:

  • IGES files
  • STEP files
  • SCPRT (surfcam)
  • SLDPRT (solidworks)
  • PSMODEL (powershape)
  • DGK (powermill)
  • DWG (autocad)
  • MCX (mastercam)
  • Parasolid x_t

Casting Pattern Storage

After project completion, customers can store patterns at Badger Alloys’ 45,000 square foot pattern storage facility.

We know how valuable and important your patterns are, and we keep them protected in our secure building dedicated solely to pattern storage.

Keeping active patterns in our facility allows for quicker turnaround and lengthens casting pattern life.

Contact Badger Alloys for more information or quickly request a quote online for our casting pattern making services. 

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Pattern Making

The best components start with a qualified and experienced casting pattern maker. Our highly skilled patternmakers create custom patterns based on your exact specifications.


When your casting applications demand machining to tight tolerances, you need a partner you can rely on to provide consistently high quality, part after part.



Our team of engineers works collaboratively with our patternmakers and foundry personnel to help customers achieve their desired result.