A team of employees standing and observing equipment in a warehouse.

Customer Commitment

With an average customer relationship of 27 years, it is clear that Badger Alloys has a consistent focus on customer service and communication.  We work hard to meet your demands for state-of-the-art custom castings.

Customers describe Badger Alloys as a well-respected foundry known for high quality and timely delivery.  They appreciate our “strong technical capability,” “great customer service,” and “flexibility.” Most importantly, they say they would recommend us to their colleagues.  

Here's what customers are saying about Badger Alloys:

Badger Alloys has been a key strategic partner and supplier for more than 25 years.

Director of Global Engineering, Fluid Technology and Equipment Provider

Badger Alloys wasn't the least expensive coming in the door, but they gave us the best value going out.

Customer Survey

We appreciate Badger Alloys' willingness to work with us to deliver a good quality casting at a fair price.

Customer Survey

Badger Alloys has worked closely with us to optimize product design and manufacturing processes, enabling us to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Director of Global Water Technology Company

We respect Badger Alloys' knowledgeable opinions, ideas, and suggestions...

Supply Chain Manager, Worldwide Pump Manufacturer

Badger Alloys embodies the commitment to continuous improvement and reinvestment required of today's successful manufacturers.

Business Adviser

We truly appreciate the outstanding customer service Badger Alloys provides to us and to our community.

International Water Solutions Company

We appreciate the integrity of your people.

Pump Manufacturer

Badger Alloys is a gem of a business. It's great to see such high-quality products being made right here in Wisconsin... and for so many years.

Local Engineering Teacher (after touring the facility with his students)

Certifications & Awards

Badger Alloys’ commitment to quality has been recognized by a number of international and local organizations in a variety of industries.

Customer Commitment

Customers describe Badger Alloys as a well-respected foundry known for high quality and timely delivery. They appreciate our “strong technical capability,” “great customer service,” and “flexibility.”

Environmental Sustainability

Our state-of-the-art facility attests to our commitment to reinvest and maintain cutting-edge technology. This ensures and promotes an environmentally sound and fiscally responsible future.

Family Friendly Workplace

As a family-owned business, we see each and every employee as part of the Badger Alloys family.

Mission Statement

We are a well-established, world-class castings company that delivers the highest quality casted parts through state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

Workforce Development

Badger Alloys is actively involved with Milwaukee Public Schools, local universities, and groups including MMAC-Manufacturing Career Partnerships, and the Steel Founders’ Society of America’s Apprenticeship Program.

Community Involvement

As a good corporate citizen, Badger Alloys not only supports the local economy and workforce development, it gives financially and volunteers in the community as well.