We are a well-established, world-class castings company that delivers the highest quality casted parts through state of the art technology and expertise. We are committed to each customer as unique and strive to communicate with each customer to accomplish his unique goals on time and on budget.

We maintain customer loyalty through consistent delivery of both quality products and quality customer service.

We maintain our level of quality through constant re-investment and upgrading of equipment and technologies.

We understand that our workforce is the backbone of our successful business, and we are committed to providing them with competitive pay and benefits, wellness programs, continuing education, and communication about the business and its goals.

We are committed to being good corporate citizens by reinvesting in our local community, supporting local workforce development, contributing to community organizations, and investing in environmental sustainability initiatives.

Our over-arching commitment to positive values is at the core of our products, our customer service, and our citizenship within the community as a whole.